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dedicated to a wonderful conversation with rabbi doug conza, the jewish relations council based in san francisco and serves the entire san francisco bay area. welcome, doug. >> thank you. it's a pleasure to be here. >> you were recently celebrated in the community for 30 years for service in the community as your role at the jewish community relations council. fascinating and wonderful career you've had there. what, what was -- what is the mission of the jewish community relations council, the jcrc? >> well, i can't believe 30 years have flown by as they have, but i came in 1982 and i came to an organization that was founded just after the end of the holocaust when the american jewish -- community -- the response of the american community and the american jewish community was clearly much weaker than it should have been. and one of the conclusions that was arrived at was that while there were organizations and individuals who spoke out, there was not a united voice for the community and that fatal flaw must never happen again. and so our jewish community relations council, jcrc
. >>> cloudy skies outside today. and a little chilly. but it looks kind of calm out there, doug, what do you think? >> it's not a bad afternoon if this was mid-december. this is exactly what we would be expecting. but this is mid-november and we're well below average. temperatures once again today close to ten degrees below average for a high. right now, sitting at 48 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 9 miles per hour. look at numbers, winchester already at 39 degrees. 46 in manassas. the warm spot is 50, and that right now is down toward fredericksburg. the reason we stayed cool today was the cloud cover. we had the clouds continuing to stream in from a storm system down to the south that is coastal storm number one. we'll talk about coastal storm number two that we were talking about for the weekend. it looks like it's heading a little farther out to sea but still may have some impact. >>> after a dozen years of neighborhood battles, a groundbreaking today of a large new development in northwest d.c. tom sherwood is live at cathedral commons tonight. tom? >> reporter: wendy, this was
a game goes sour like it did particularly in the second half. we will return, again, the big story, doug martin and how about 515 total yards given up by the defense. martin, from oakland. the story continues jack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item. i give you... flap jacks. hmm! thing is, i don't know if i'm comfortable with people eating my face. how 'bout a loaded breakfast sandwich with country-grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and melting cheese on toasted sourdough. don't do it. don't eat my face... do not eat my... you ate his face?! alllllriggghtttt! joey junior!! alllllriggghtttt! that's what you're wearing! what? thank you jack for bringing the cheesesteaks. well i just want to know what my favorite philly cousins think about my new- sourdough cheesesteak melt. i took all the best parts, thinly sliced steak, melty cheese, onions and peppers but i put it on warm, toasty sourdough. fan-cy. sourdough is my thing. i'm busting your chops, the cheesesteak's good. say it. you're better at hockey. >>> make your point. dug mart -- doug martin made
. because big changes could make for a nasty commute for us tomorrow. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer joins us with what is coming next. >> doreen, there are huge changes. temperatures tomorrow will be about 30 degrees cooler than they were during the day today. you're going to wake up and notice a huge difference. 63 the current number out there right now, winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. not a lot of rain around our region right now. but there are a few showers, most of this on the lighter side. down towards fauquier county, culpepper county, all moving to the north right along the blue ridge here. we'll continue to watch as these showers move to the north. the rain back to the west is associated with the cold front, moving through overnight. we'll see moderate to heavy rain toward your morning hours. boy, are those temperatures going to be coming down. 63 here in washington. 39 in columbus, ohio. we can see where the cold front is. 67 in morgantown. only 50 in pittsburgh. the numbers dropping very, very quickly. they'll continue to do so right through your morni
on a storm that is slamming the northeast coast once again. we won't see much of it in our area. but doug kammerer, you can tell us who will feel the brunt of this one more time. >> that's really the same in all this. about nine days ago we were talking about hurricane sandy making its way onshore in towards portions of the jersey shore and new york. they're going to get hammered again. they're already getting hammered right now. as far as our weather's concerned, look on the radar. very light rain making its way across the area. most of this light sprinkle activity. maybe a flurry or two mixed in. we're not seeing anything like they're seeing up to the north. this major storm making its way up to the coastline. you can see philadelphia, new york, all seeing snow, including areas hardest hit by sandy. the coastline. take a look right now. we've got video coming out of philadelphia. these are actually live pictures of philadelphia right now. you can see the snow making its way down, creating havoc on the roadways there. it is rush hour in philadelphia, too. they'll continue to see the snow
meteorologist doug kammerer joins us with that. hey, doug. >> more cold weather. we're just going to stay right in this trend. right on through the next couple of days and probably into next week, too. our average high temperature is 59. i really don't even see us having a chance to get there for the next week or so. temperatures right now, look at these numbers. at 6:00 at night, these are winter-like numbers. 45 in washington. 39 in manassas. look at winchester, virginia, right now at 34 degrees. frederick, maryland, coming in at 36. so that tells you we're in for a very cold night tonight. one maybe saving grace, notice the cloud cover moving into the area. we'll talk about the clouds, where they're coming from and talk about that coastal storm, new information coming up. >> thank you, doug. >>> add another name to the race for virginia's lieutenant governor. today jean marie davis announced her intention to run for the position next year. the republican and former virginia state senator created a website called jeanne marie for she's married to tom davis. she most recently served as
pain as veterans day approaches. >> i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture weather center. every now and then we've get the chance to make a terrific weather forecast. you will like this. >> we continue with a new effort to solve a heartbreaking fifth dating back two years. >> these bronze plaques were for the vfw. stephen tschida has more. >> the pain is always more severe as veterans day approaches. frank macro undiscovered the bronze plaques with the names of hundreds of veterans were stolen almost two years ago. >> i hope they can find some way to still pay respect to these people. this is not right. >> one of the most painful effects of the theft as there is no record of the names around distillate plaques. those names, most likely come are lost forever. >> that's the hardest part. we cannot we do it because we do not have a complete list going back to 1947. >> someone out there must know who stole these bronze plaques. they say it is especially >> this is a memorial for the veterans that have served our country. >> a few plaques that are not stolen are in storage at the vfw pos
. take a look at this. our chief meteorologist doug hill was at the 24th avenue harvest -- 24th annual harvest ball this evening. this year the ball was to recognize the work of the late dr. sheldon goldberger. he had a lot of efforts dedicated to breast cancer research. >> fancy pants. doug looking at snazzy. all right, of between doug and maureen -- >> with the kids up. britt has soccer news coming up. >> who could imagine that? the [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen whatever you're craving. spend 35 dollars and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend 35 dollars and a frozen butterball turkey just 88 cents a pound. so raise your glas pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> marylan
now on. >> then we are pretty good weekend ahead. doug has the forecast when we come back. >> tomorrow, we will show you the details. and a guiding the team to a respectable showing on su anncr: which do you believe? what mitt romney's tv ads say about womewo or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned panthood. anncr: no matter what mitt mney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. >> you are watching a abc7 news at 6:00 with gordon peterson maureen bunyan, chief meteorologist doug hill with the weather. >> is a big day for apple lovers. >> the ipad mini went on sale today. the lines do not seem to be as large as they were for the debut of the ipad 2. amazon's kindle fire and google's nexus have similar specs. >> the rosslyn and
what weather conditions are like. hi, doug? >> reporter: yes, doreen, especially in some parts of the area getting down below that freezing mark. take a look at storm team 4 radar. you can see where this one is. mostly from the i-95 corridor to the east. we're talking about the metro area in through prince george's county. notice the area of yellow. that's not heavier rain. that's actually sleet being picked up by the radar. we have had reports of sleep at the radar down towards pentagon city. the bulk is up from philadelphia all the way towards new york city. not good for driving there. for us, take a look at the temperatures. 41 in the airport, that windchi windchill, 35 degrees. very cold out here right now. we are seeing light rain n northwest d.c. about a half hour ago. it was also coming down to pretty heavy sleet. your complete forecast coming up in just a minute. >> thanks, doug. >> the governor of new york fired his emergency management director. he apparently diverted crews to remove a tree that had fallen on his driveway in long island last week. this happened shortl
community council based in san francisco and served the entire san francisco bay area. welcome doug. we recently celebrated in the community for the community specifically at the jewish communications counsel and it is just a wonderful career you have had there. what is the jcr c? >> well i can't believe 30 years i have flown by and i came here in an organization which was founded just after the holocaust within the american jewish community showed a critique of what went wrong and the response of the american community and the american jewish community was clearly much weaker and that it should have been. one of the things they spoke about, there was not a united voice for the community and that fatal floor must never happen again. they were established to bring together the full diversity to develop couldn't edwardo sencion and speak with those of issues vital 0 to our community and it is something we have been doing since. >> what would you highlights be you would say would be over 30 years with success of relationship building and the things that would be proving to be can i have cu
to close one of its tracks. it's not clear how long it will take to get everything fixed. >>> doug's a busy man tonight. they are really busy to our northeast. >> and even our coast toward ocean city, maryland, where they're talking about the moderate to potentially severe flooding once again. we're talking about the bay in ocean city. if you have a home on the bay out there, this is something you might want to worry about. they're talking about flooding very close to what we saw just last week. we do not want to sew that at all. all up and down the east coast from long island, through boston, this storm is hitting people very hard. as we've been talking about the last couple of days, for us, we're not seeing us get hit hard at all. first off, the radar picture, if you take a look outside, we've got plenty of clouds across the region. we are starting to see some shower activity and some light rain moving in. that is all it is right now. light rain. i would not be surprised to see a few snowflakesed mixed in from time to time. most of this is in southern maryland, around fredericksburg. but
homeless camps with a friendly face and helping hand. doug stewart of martinez on his night patrol coming up. we first met doug a couple months back. >>> what is coming up just ahead, we are going to have more on this story, flames rip through east bay strip mall overnight clue left at the scene that has investigators calling it suspicious. >>> out of control fans caused $70,000 in damage to a muni bus following the world series win. now learn who is going to pick up the tab. >>> day of giving to help victims of sandy. barbara walters and ben stiller among the famous faces answering the donation hotlines. >>> good morning. this is a live shot of the bay bridge toll earlier stall at s of curve and tolls has things backed towards the maze, brisbane north 101 candlestick park "sig alert" left lane getting by with an accident update on all traff >>> good monday morning. november 5th gorgeous shot of the bay area a little windy, going to be a a warm day. bright for 6:30 in the morning. >> it is because it was 7:30 in the morning saturday. >> we went back to standard time yesterday. hope you ha
there wear in the department of corrections, in the jail. >> reporter: doug stewart is not a cop, but where he works, this is essential attire. that's because he patrols central contra costa county, five nights a week, looking for the homeless. >> that ought to last you a long time. >> almost every night. >> reporter: his goal is to help them survive on the hard, cold bay area streets. >> there is a daytime outreach team. but as far as nights go, i'm the only one for our whole count gee although it's how he makes his living, for dowell doug, this is more of a calling than a job. he started working with the homeless about 8 years ago. council members were debating legislation concerning homeless people and doug decided he needed a better understanding of the issue. he began going to homeless encampments and soon realize, he had to help. >> nobody else is doing this. somebody has to. there has to be somebody here for these people in the middle of the night. >> reporter: he does this five nights a week from 8:00 in the evening until 4:00 in the morning. he knows where to find the homeless, lik
snow this week. doug kammerer is watching another coastal storm that's developing out there. what's the latest, doug? >> right now you mentioned the cold temperatures. tomorrow morning the polls open very early. we're talking about the coldest temperatures we've seen so far this season. that's why we have a freeze warning in effect for the entire i-95 corridor from fredericksburg all the way to baltimore back to the west and in through southern maryland. you folks in western portions of virginia and west virginia, not under a freeze warning because you've already seen your freeze. the rest of us have not seen temperatures below freezing, at least many of us, and we will just about all of us see those tonight. we'll watch out for those. a very cold start to your morning. the pattern is set. we've been talking about this coastal storm since last week. we're going to see cold air move in, and we have the area of low pressure moving up the coast. i do think we have a chance to see some snow in our area. but once again, we will not get nearly the impact unfortunately as those areas tha
justin bieber, we have doug kammer. >> hey, guys. down here on the national mall for breathe deep d.c. a 5k walk. we want you to come down as well. getting ready to start at 9:30. back in a couple of minutes. plus, are you ready for this walk? they are ready for the walk. the weather is good. we finally have some sunshine. we'll talk about it in a minute. >> all huddled together, keeping warm. popular social networking site gets political. why both sides have taken to pinning. >>> and you can join us online this morning on facebook and twitter. we are on pinterest. news 4 today, back in a moment. president obama: there's just no quit in america... and you're seeing that right now. over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent. home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progress and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education and training a national priority; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting american-made energy; reducing
of the deadly terror attack in libya. doug mckelway has more. it sounds like congressional republicans interpret go the c.i.a. talking points very differently than democrats? >> they sure are. republicans are convinced that somebody in the white house or administration changed the talking points that came out of the c.i.a. and changed them to perhaps hide the fact that the benghazi incident was, indeed, a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11 perpendicular rated by al-qaeda when the administration was boasting about al-qaeda's diminished capabilities. >> one of the most unfair attacks have seen in washington in 34 years susan rice was using the unclassified talking points which were provided by the intelligence community. they were a consensus report. >> i don't know what the democrats are trying hide because i don't know what any of them saying, they are saying the intelligence community signed off on talking points. they went to the administration. when they came back, key language was changed. >> reporter: specifically, republicans say we are learning that any reference to al-qaeda's in
that snow, our area is getting ready for a warm-up. doug lets us know just how warm it ae's going to get. >> doreen, a sorely needed pattern shift. we've been talking about below average temperatures for two weeks. a nice night out there, but notice the breeze. we're still seeing winds gusting to 25 miles an hour at this hour, actual winds at northwest at 15 miles an hour, sustained and with a temperature of 47 we're talking windchills. take a look, 32 in winchester,s 37 in leesburg, 37 in gaithersbu gaithersburg, cold night, but we're in for a warm-up. i'll tell you all about it in my forecast. >>> tomorrow, president obama will deliver a speech on the economy from the white house. it will be his first address since election night, and it is on the eventuality of what they're calling a fiscal cliff. that's the term being used for automatic across the board cuts that were part of the 2011 budget compromise. if congress does not reach a budget deal, those cuts take effect next year. today virginia's governor bob mcdonnell ordered state agencies to cut their budgets by 4% to prepare for th
the company over the past decade. >> cold out there tonight. colder in some places than others, huh, doug? >> it is really cold. we're starting to see clouds move in. but already down to 38 degrees in washington. 25 right now in elkins, west virginia. 30 in pittsburgh and the numbers will continue to go down through the early morning tomorrow. one again, we'll be looking at a possible coastal storm. much more on the numbers as far as the tempetures go overnight tonight and we'll talk about that coastal storm and let you know what effects it could have as we move toward the all important holiday week next week for thanksgiving. we'll talk about that in a minute. >> investigators want to know if a teenager accused in two high-profile murder may be involved in other crimes. 17-year-old joshua nevin is charged with killing a woman in waldorf, shooting and wounding her husband and killing a taxi driver in d.c. investigators are still searching for a motive. but police say the suspect lived a few blocks away from the crime scene in maryland. >> i just think it's appalling that somebody went out
go to nbc and search express lanes. >> chilly out there again tonight. doug, middle of november right? >> middle of november. temperatures continue to be below average. this is more like what you would expect in the early portion of december or mid december. 45 now in washington. 38 in hagerstown. already, 24 in elkins, west virginia. that shows you how cold the air mass has been. something we are looking at. cloud moved out of the region. now looking at clear skies. that is going to allow for cooler numbers tonight and should allow for some good shower watching. we'll talk about that coming uppen justup in just a minute. >> long time teacher at a local private school will spend the weekend in jail. he has been accused of sexually abusing students more than 40 years ago. tonight we have learned since police began their investigation a year ago, three more women have come forward. fairfax county police say a woman scla woman claims to have been molested by her school teacher 40 years ago. he is now 73. and was arrested to day. >> they are still -- working several othe
area. doug cameron now is here to let us know when that might move in, doug. >> of course, that's the last thing anyone along the east coast wants to hear. a possible east coast snowstorm and a possible storm from washington all the way up towards new york and boston. but i do think we're setting up for that pattern. we'll see a trough, a deep trough, along the east coast. that means that storm coming up from the gulf of mexico. it could mean rain for us and possibly snow. i'll break that down for you, but right now, it's all about current temperatures. 35 in winchester, 35 in gaithersburg. i'll let you know about the weekend plus what i think about our next storm coming up. >> okay, doug, thank you. now, to the final stretch for the race for the white house. both president obama and mitt romney battled the ohio tonight. mitt romney spoke to a large crowd in west chester. the president spoke in lie ma, ohio. he'll have one more stop in the buckeye stay before he heads to wisconsin, iowa and then northern virginia. his rally, jiffy lube live tomorrow. >> today was the last day of
cancer. there is doug kammerer on hand this morning as the emcee for the event. he spoke to a lung cancer survivor about the importance of lung cancer awareness. >> a year after i was diagnosed, i was looking for something in d.c. to do, and there was no walk in d.c., no black tie event, nothing. some friends and i got together and we created breathe deep, d.c., and it was much bigger than i ever would have imagined, because it touched a nerve. there's a real need for. >> organizers say more than 2,000 people came out for today's 5k and more than $250,000 was raised for lung cancer research. chuck, was doug wearing a bomber jacket? you needed to bundle up. >> it was a cold start this morning. at least the wind finally died down. yesterday was ferociously windy. we appreciated the fact the winds died down. boy, the light winds and the clearing skies last night allowed for a real cold start this morning. you saw doug in his jacket with his gloves on. you're going to need gloves again tomorrow morning and the next couple of mornings as well. skies remain mostly clear now across the washingto
collins, news4. >>> temperatures dipped down into the 30s tonight, storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer tells us what we can expect in the days ahead. >> it will a cool period, maybe even the next week. 39 in manassas and culpeper, 49 in washington, 45 in gaithersburg and the numbers will will go down about another 5 to 7 maybe 8 degrees in some areas. so it's going to be a very cool start. something else we've been seeing, shower activity, not showers here, this is that ground clutter we're talking about. shower up here toward north and east of frederick and more shower on the chesapeake, including an arundle county, st. mary's county, all moving out of the way. what's moving in? the pattern is set for a potential coastal storm. we're going to watch this as it makes its way up the coast. what is it going to do? i'll have the latest on the storm and what it may bring to us and new york city, coming up. >>> up next, she hit the jackpot, but one lottery winner was just days away from losing the whole $23 million prize. >>> also, a chance to live the american dream. we'll report o
it was theirs for the taking. we look for answers in our political war room. joining me now, doug, former adviser to the hillary for president campaign and susan. good afternoon to both of you. >> hi, craig. >> is the gop brand broken? >> yeah, it is. really simply put, yeah. we're having a message problem and that's worse than the gop has to start moving. they have to expand who they want new voters and attracting voters. >> here's the thing. how do you do that? >> there's a few things. one, you need and you need to have a litmus test. just because we disagree entirely. and we have to start listening to people who are the voters, not all the noise on talk radio and other places and blogs who are dictating a lot of what republican candidates do and say. it's just absurd. >> doug, according to the washington post, governor romney said that he believed hurricane sandy stunted his momentum. some pointed a finger at new jersey governor chris christie for this image. did the hurricane have any effect at all on the outcome of this election? or was this simply strategy? >> mitt romney is living
meteorologist doug kammerer has more on this chilly week. >> normally this time of year we have a little bit of ups and downs. mostly this month we've been well below average. that just continued during the day today. high temperatures today did not make it out of the 40s. right now, some of you are already in the 30s at 5:00 at night. 45 degrees is the number at the airport. winds out of the northeast at eight miles an hour. that gives us a windchill of 41. it is a very chilly night tonight. take a look at these numbers. gaithersburg, already down to 39 there. 39 as well toward winchester, back towards leesburg and manassas. the current temperature at 43. talking a very cool night tonight. and one thing that is going to help us, we could really get cold tonight. but with cloud cover moving in, you can see clouds beginning to make their way in. that should help temperatures stay up a little bit. but it's still going to be a very chilly night tonight. i'll let you know how cold things will be when you wake up tomorrow. and what we think now as far as the weekend and your holiday week next w
pleasant temperatures. doug kammerer is going to tell us more about that. >> i think we need it, jim. really great pattern change seems to be making its way into the area over the next couple of days. we saw plenty of sunshine across the region today. the winds were still howling today. 51 degrees the temperature right now. winds north-northwest at 17. still gusting over 20 miles per hour. in many areas we saw gusts over 30 today. those winds will continue as that storm system that brought a lot of snow to places in the northeast continues to be off the coast and back into the open waters in the atlantic. for us, clearing skies behind us. and that's going to mean plenty of sunshine during the next couple of days. this weekend, looking spectacular. i'll update you on that pattern change and show you what to expect as you're making your way out and about over the next couple of days in just a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. >>> one of the unique things about the nation's capital is the absence of any high-rise buildings. but buildings in the city might be reaching new heights. congress a
meteorologist doug kammerer, what do you think? >> the warm air's not anywhere to be found, but the sunshine is. that's the good news. we are going to continue to get better and better as each day goes forth. right now, we are cool outside with plenty of cloud cover. winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. a very chilly afternoon. we've even seen shower activity out there, too. you can see the showers coming through montgomery county, howard county, northern prince george's and anne arundel, and warrenton and fredericksburg. heads up, you may need the umbrella for a short time. gaithersburg at 46 right now. 46 in winchester. 54 in culpepper. as we move on through the rest of the night tonight and into the overnight period, 44 at 9:00. 46 by 11:00. and temperatures tomorrow morning, down to about 41 degrees. most of you will be in the upper 30s tomorrow starting off very, very cool. the good news here, tomorrow, i think we see a lot more sunshine. we'll talk about it coming up. >>> plus, the potential for another storm along the coast. >> thank you, doug. >>> today new york city mayor michael
states. doug lieu zahered looking at the last minute plans in ohio and pennsylvania. >> we start with kelly wright on president obama's final stops in the campaign trails. >>> good morning to you. even though the president was criticized for the handling of benghazi and the economy his final closing argument is focusing on trusting him for four more years. he heyed the last campaign stops he needs in order to get elected. the president accompanied rock star bruce springsteen said he wants to move the country forward he has more work to do to deliver the hope and change he campaigned on 4 years ago. >>> we didn't know what challenges would come. we didn't know how deep the crisis would turnout but we knew we would get through those. >> president obama says it is his last campaign. if he loses to mitt romney the president says he will not rudge again in 2016. so his last day of campaigning spoke to the polls he had an heair of nostalgia. he made no attacks but stuck to expressing his general principals about his vision for america. >> when we talk about change we know what it looks
-team is here, lizzy mcdonald, doug schoan and jerry jacoby us. >> happy thanksgiving but what about the union that took down the 2 twin key, we look at why some unions may be in decline. america's congressional leaders 40 days to avoid fiscal cliff, republicans ac like they are willing to give in on taxes, what is the president going to do? what is his big com compromise. >> ed klein, joins me next. we use this board to compare car insurance rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ whooshing ] tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe hard enough. a smarter way to shop around. now that's progressive. call or click today. [ grunting ] lou: well joining us now to analyze the obama administration's shifting contradictory statements about benghazi and development in middle east, cease fear, and the thought of the looming fiscal cliff, author of the amateur, a book on the inside of the obama administration, ed klein. veteran political consultant, and strategist hank
. >>> how about our weather, doug? >> a cool night tonight and we have showers trying to make their way into the area. i'll let you know if that will affect your morning commute. plus, thanksgiving, >>> tonight critics are weighing in on a blistering review in the "new york times." guy traferrerry's spot was compd to radiator fluid and formaldehyde. fearry thinks his food network fame made him an easy target. "washington post" critic gave us his take. >> i don't think this would happen to a regular citizen chef in new york. this guy happens to be a big food network star, a big target. in pete well's defense, he did go to the restaurant four times. >> this could very well be the author's hope. >>> tonight frustration building over a record setting land purchase in one of the area's wealthiest communities. >> it cost taxpayers millions but the land remains undeveloped and proposed athletic fields are nowhere in sight. iteam reports on the fight over solano park. >> reporter: youth sports is serious business in northern virginia. with schools busting at the seams, space is tight when it co
ideas from him and see if, see if there's some ways we can potentially work together. >> doug brinkley, what do you make of this? is this the beginning of a great friendship like in casablanca at the end or what. >> i don't think so. i don't think there's a big assignment coming for mitt romney. there are times when presidents feel compelled after they beat somebody to get them in the game. i mean, fdr did that with wendell wilky in 1940. world war ii was coming. we're all in this together. fdr also brought in frank knox, a republican as secretary of navy, and henry stimson, a republican and secretary of war. you have moments, you know, richard nixon offered hubert humphrey the olive branch of ambassadorship to the u.n. by in large, these don't work that well, unless it was an ex-president. if romney had been an ex-president, there is something called that exclusive ex-president's club, then there would be a role. i don't see a blue ribbon commission of mitt romney heading right now. and i don't see, you know, romney teaming up with dukakis and doing a kind of report that's going to ma
the wind has picked up. we escaped that snow as doug predicted. what is in store for tonight and tomorrow. doug joins us now to let us know. >> for the first time in a while, we've hit the mid-50s. at least for high temperatures. but the wind is definitely kicking up as you mentioned. current temperature 52. the dew point right now, 12. the humidity is way down there, very dry atmosphere. look at those winds gusting to 30 miles an hour across the area right now. no rain across our region, but we're going to see clear skies tonight. the storm left our area early this morning after reporting a little bit of light rain and snow at the airport last night. no accumulation as we were talking about. it does look like now we're just going to be dealing with clear skies and sunshine. wait until you see the change in the pattern coming up over the next couple of days. it will take us through the weekend. and i'll show you what that means for you. >> all right. >>> late this afternoon, the man who killed several people and shot congresswoman gabrielle giffords learned his punishment. keith russell i
out there today. but all in all, with the sun shining, a pretty nice november day. doug? >> that's exactly right, jim. i think that's exactly what we're going to see during the day tomorrow, too. we just saw the capitol building from one vantage point, talking about the temperatures that are falling down today. we saw a high temperature of 55 degrees out at the airport. so a little bit warmer than it has been the last few days with a low of 42. yes, continued chilly. we saw some sunshine today. how much more will we see over the weekend? and what about your thanksgiving? all in the forecast in just a minute. >>> coming up, a parade float is hit by a freight train. we'll tell you about the final acts of heroism for some veterans. >>> there are signs of compromise as congressional leaders meet with the president to try to avoid the fiscal cliff. >>> a very calm 4-year-old in virginia makes a phone call that saved her mother's life. >>> and steven colbert is seeing double in the district. >>> stories of heroism are now emerging from that disaster of a train crash down in texas. four
just mentioned it could be devastating if new york and new jersey had to deal with another storm. doug karmerror has a look at what's next. >> we're still about five, six days away from that occurring. but the pattern is right. the pattern is already set. and sandy actually helped that pattern to oh develop. we've got a deep trough in the jet stream across the great lakes and east coast. next week, it does look like we could see a strengthening of that trough. cooler air making its way in. a coastal storm possibly making its way up the coast. a storm that normally would not have a lot of input as far as effects around our region. it's going to be a strong storm. one we normally would get through, no problem. but after the effects of sandy, this storm could have huge implications on what the northeast is dealing with over the next couple of days. i'll tell you my take on this storm in my forecast. >>> the presidential campaign has only five days left now. president obama just wrapping up an appearance in las vegas. he's going to go to colorado now and will spend the night in columbus, o
. >>> turning to the weather, is there any warm-up in sight for our weekend? chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here. how about it, doug? >> maybe a little warm-up. we're talking a very small one. today, a high of 54 degrees. not too bad out there, with some sunshine. right now, sitting at 49 across the area with winds out of the north at about 8 miles per hour. what are we going to be seeing over the next couple of days? well, it is going to stay cool. you can expect more numbers like this right on through next week. 46 right now at gaithersburg, 48 leesburg, right now 53 degrees down towards fredericksburg. the rest of the evening into tomorrow morning, 45 degrees at 9:00. you will need a jacket if you're heading out to dinner or a movie tonight. by the time you wake up tomorrow, most areas around the district in the metro area into the mid-30s. but many of you outside the beltway will once again be in the upper 20s to start your saturday. i'll talk about the rest of the weekend and your thanksgiving week coming up in a minute. >> thank you, doug. >>> well, it was sunny today. so santa dit
, all eyes are focused on another potential coastal storm. doug kammerer has a look at what we can expect next. doug? >> doreen, this is not going to be a hurricane. it's probably not even going to be a major storm by our standards, but it is still going to be a big storm potentially and that could still cause big problems in an area that really does not need to see much in the way of storms. the pattern is set for a possible coastal storm. deep jet stream out there right now but over the next couple of days into monday it's going to start to take a big dive. as it does we see an area of low pressure move all the way to the gulf coast, pick up a lot of moisture then head right up the coast. it will have an impact on our area and it will most definitely have an impact on portions of new york and over there toward new jersey. so we're going to talk much more about that. it could also bring some snow to parts of our area, especially back toward the mountains. an area that was very hard hit by sandy with upwards of two to three feet of snow. derrick ward was out there in garrett county
dallas might not be the most popular athlete after all. doug martin, born in oakland, grew up in stock land put on the greatest shows -- stockland put on the greatest shows today. we will have more in a moment. end of the half, palmer, watch the beautiful 1-handed catch. set up a run, touchdown. the game, 10-7 lead at halftime. 21 tampa, 3rd kwraurter and there goes doug martin. 67 yards, broke ennfl record. three touchdowns of over 45 yards or more. he ran for 251 yards in 4 touchdowns. throeuf-17 tampa in the 4th. raider comes back. to meyers, the second touchdown of the game. cut it to eleven points. after the bucks give him a gift, they fumble the handoff, freemand, sea moore, johnny-on- the-spot. raiders in business. under 8 minutes to go. now, palmer, reset on the backfield, may get 35 to 30 tampa. palmer, 4 touchdowns, 414 yards. this might have been the best play all day. 2-point conversion, oakland, down, just a field goal now. here we go. defense, forced 3-out. palmer is look fog get him in field goal range. somebody missed up. no black jerseys, a block, iced the game. 3 pick
by tampa bay. doug martin ran wild. darren mcfadden did not return. catch of the day, for the raiders, palmer to hayward bey, one hand. 46 yards. that sets up a touchdown pass. from palmer to rod streater. rookie doug martin, continues the trend, 45 yards. 14-10 bucs. martin again, can somebody tackle him? they take a 28-10 lead. mr. martin is not done. he finishes with a team record 251 yards for a team record. 35-17. the raiders refuse to quit. down 18, perfect here to marcel, two-point con veq. they get the ball back to palmer. who threw for 314 yards. throws his third interception. raiders lose it and fall to 3-5. >> our team battled. we tried to make a comeback and came up a little short. >> we need to clean up. we need to be firing on all cylinders and critical points in games. >> he was tough. he did what he needed to do to win. there is nothing you can do about that. >> two td passes this one to reggie wayne, colts trailing. luck under pressure. airs it up between two defenders. 36-yard touchdown. he broke the record with 433 and colts win it 23-20. and galaxy in l.a. they mee
and stockton native doug martin stole the show. end of the first half carson palmer darius heyward-bey. set up a rod streeter touchdown the raiders had a 10-7 lead at the half thanks to that. in the third rookie running back doug martin broke a couple of tackles 67 yards touchdown 28-10 bucks. this guy ran for a team record 2 a 1 yards and four touchdowns. the raiders rally. they are down 35-30 they go for two within a field goal palmer under pressure gets rid of it jeron ryaner. that makes it 35-32. the raiders get the ball back with a chance to take the lead. palmer threw an interception and that was the game. the raiders fall short 42-32. they are 3-5 on the year. martin was the story after the game. >> it's a thrill for me i'm going to look back tomorrow and say okay that's all right you know did a good job. i did my job is what i'm basically saying. just try to go next week and carry on from there. >> 49ers have the day off. coming up on game day we'll tell but the story of a former 49er that played on the 1981 team who ended up homeless and teammate from the same 1981 team tried to hel
and there is doug either will play attend -- doubt either will play sunday. doug martin was born in oakland. moved to stockton. 183 of his 251 rushing yards yesterday. embarrassing for the raiders. >> guy is a good runner. and they happen running the ball good coming into the game and they ran the ball good against us. boils down to our ability to get off blocks and tackle. >> few of those i got through the line and i stumbled. my head went down, coach went, get your head up. that increases balance. i kept my balance and i was on to the races. i got to step back and look at it. surreal right now. you know, just doing my job out there. i am honored. honored. >> honored and humbled. our time to vote for our next high school football game of the week. go to and vote. the winning team will be announced on thursday and we will see you on friday night. also the new york yankees claimed eli whiteside off the waver. he was 1-11. warriors and kings highlights tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. ktvu channel 2 news is on the campaign trail, tonight at 10:00 p.m. live team coverage as mitt romne
challenges for tomorrow morning's commute. storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug has the forecast. >> we're looking at these right around the forces of frederick county into loudoun county. this is the line right here going to continue to move off the east fairly quickly at about 20-30 miles per hour. you can expect 30-40 mile an hour winds, maybe upwards around 50. over towards gaithersburg and eventually moving into fairfax county. this is all part of a cold front that is moving across the region. as it does, you will see some strong showers -- rather some strong thunderstorms with some strong winds and something else that will greet you tomorrow morning. >> next up, a surprise on the campus of montgomery campus tonight after a student accused of making threats. this is video of a 19-year-old being taken to a police car. police say the man was upset about a failed relationship and he told friends he felt like shooting people just for fun. friends told campus security and police officers tracked down the student while he was eating lunch. >> two students accused of murdering a cab drive
....giien what happened to the raider d.. &ptampa bay rookie doug martin and four touuhdowns ast he raiders ccme into baltimooe wiih an embarrassed defenne...and that john harbbugh: "i'm sure peoppe have looked t us you know the ssmm way over the wwen ou look at the tape you happee. they can play a loo ing better againsst he run, thee do play better against the run. there were four or five big for them."joe flacco: "" - think you got to look at the &pgames as a wwole aad sse how ppople have attacked thee and ttink he (doug martin) did a good job of unning through some taccles and creating some pardage after contact. then, when he did get it in the open he made sure he got in the end zone. he did a pretty good jobb pbvvouslyy i think we got to go in there come up with a gaaeplan and stick with it and we got to have trust in our play is called and ran that same things." do some of those wwiie buukk showalter has been named one of three finalistsfor the front oofice is not in the rd..- running for one of his own... p duqueete was shut the sportingnews executive off theeyear ballot
name called uite a bit,,,ray happened to he raider d.. tampa bay rookie doug martin shredded them ffo 251 yaads -& pnd foor ouchdowns last the raiders come into bbltimooe with an embarrassed defense...and thht makes themvery dangerous... john harbaugh: "i'm ssre &ppeople have looked at us you know the same way seven weeks. when you underrtand why those thinns happen..they cann pay a -3 lot better gainst tte runn they do play better against - thh run. there were four or -3 five went big for them.. them." 3 joe flacco: "i think you got to look at thh games aa a whole aad see how people have aatacked been successfuu..i think he (doug martin) did a good job of running through some tackles and creating some yardage after ccntact. then, when heedid get it in the open he made sureehe got in the end good jobbobvioussy. i think we stick with trust in our guyy oot is called and ran that weere going to have the ability to go do some of those same hings."" 3 p3 as we reeorted yesterday, maarland's fortuues got quite - a boost yesterdaywhen the ncaa cleared
nonperishable foods, you can drop them whoever in anne arundel county. >>> here's doug from the american red cross. >> that's people helping people. that's what it's all about. it's nice to she that happening. >> so they're just getting in cars and going. >> if they have a place on the other end they know they can take it to, that's great. >> how is it going? >> it's going well. we have every single disaster vehicle. they're responding to people in need. they are hitting the streets, passing out food, water, blankets. we're still tending to those essential needs. >> how much did the red cross make. >> the telethon raised 23 million but this will go on for weeks and months to come. the 90999 and that's a $10 donation. >> i don't know how much per day but it can raise tens of millions over time. >> people who still want to help out, what can they do? >> that's a good's to stamplet the other thing you can do is donate blood. you can donate it to the red cross. sometimes blood donation get cans selled. the other thing you can do is volunteer. we don't need spontaneous volunteers to go to new yor
and mitt romney return to the campaign trail. doug luzader has the lathes on the next moves plus peter doocy is following the attack on libya including new reports about a dire warning the state department received ahead of the 9-11 attacks. anna kooiman live in lower manhattan she is following the cleanup from super storm sandy. that's our top story. people slowly resuming their daily routines but more than 6 million preem main without power mostly in new jersey and new york. it could be weeks until some see the lights turned back on. the death toll from sandy is up to at least 74. that number is expected to keep climbing as workers comb through rubble, fallen trees and flood waters. they are helping these families get out of their homes in hoboken, new jersey. it shows a dramatic rooftop rescue in staten island, new york. saving 5 adults and one child who were trapped. anna kooiman joins us live with the latest. >> definitely on a windy thursday morning. good morning everyone. andrew cuomo says barack obama is sending in not only crews but equipment from the army and the navy. they a
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